Famous in Canada?

Where am I?

You’re on this blog’s about page. If you’ve ended up here but didn’t mean to may I suggest you go back to the blog.

Well now that I’m here, who are you?

Apart from the obvious I’m a thirty something male who has an interest in many things but mainly sport, photography, movies, technology and politics. All of which I have blogged about at some point.

You don’t blog that much though!

This much I know but then I don’t really do this for a living. I often blog in spurts sometimes posting several times in a week or two then go for a month which out so much as saying hello.

So what do you do for a living?

Out in the big bad real world I’m an IT Support Tech. I’ve previously worked for a UK charity, a large IT Contracting firm, an Oil & Gas engineering company and a Solicitors. All of which were in their respective IT departments.

Care to name & shame?

No, not really.

Can I go now?

Never said that you couldn’t.