Monthly Archive: February 2006

We Gots A Hamster :) 0

We Gots A Hamster :)

Howdy all, sorry I ain’t posted in a while. I have a lot of work on and not a lot going on in my life (well apart from moving). That being said, today Cat and I got a hamster! She’s...

Suggest-A-Topic #2 0

Suggest-A-Topic #2

Rob Lesslie wrote: My rights are non-conditional. My right to life is non-conditional, ergo my right to free speech is non-conditional. Therefore, I can say and draw whatever I want about who ever I want, even if it offends Muslims!...

IE7 It’s On The Way (and it’s not that bad)

IE7 It’s On The Way (and it’s not that bad)

So I was doing my regular rounds around the sites I most visit and whilst visiting The Register I notice its report that Microsoft had released Beta 2 of the new version of Internet Explorer, best yet, it was public....