Monthly Archive: September 2006

What The Weekend Holds 0

What The Weekend Holds

As I mentioned in my last post I’ll be away this weekend in Bournemouth at Ruth’s birthday celebrations which I’m really looking forward to. It should be fun and gives me yet another chance to catch up with people I’d...

You Slacker You! 0

You Slacker You!

Well that’s what people keep saying to me when they ask what my Uni timetable is like. One hour week on Tuesday’s until Christmas, not bad really is it?! To be honest tho I’ll be using that free time to...

Good News! 0

Good News!

Well as some of you probably know I took some resists over the summer, two to be exact, out of the 6 exams I sat at the end of May. One was Web Technologies, a module I re-sat after failing...