Monthly Archive: November 2006

Nearly! 0


So, Man Utd played Chelsea today, in what most over-the-top pundits were touting as the match that could decide the league. It was an entertaining match and, for a little while at least, I thought we (United) may come away...

Here We Go Again 0

Here We Go Again

Well it’s that time again, yes, The Ashes have returned and it’s seemingly business as usual for Australia (I’m going on the first 2 days, I’m currently watching the 3rd days’ play). It is, so far, quite a carbon copy...

Excuse Me.. Where’d I Get Off? 0

Excuse Me.. Where’d I Get Off?

Been a little busy of late for once. Went to Seend on Saturday for lunch with Cat’s mother who was on leave from the convent, her Grandfather, her sister and of course, Cat. Was lovely, we had a roast, which...