Once.. Twice.. 19 Times The Champions

  • Liz Crew

    I’m not a big fan of Premiership football to be honest – having done most of my formative years watching on the touchline and of late having gone to a few Laegue 1 matches so MUFC don’t really appear on my radar.
    Nevertheless, I watched the closing season match in the pub yesterday and the first half was a bit dull and lifeless until Blackpool were 2-1 up and you could almost hear Holloway shouting “Pick ee out the stingers!”
    I was more interested whether Blackpool were going to beat the relegation odds than anything else…
    …and then Ferguson dragged Rooney and Owen off the bench and it was like the entire team suddenly decided to take the match seriously.
    I might not like the hype and salary figures…or Sir Alex and his persecution complex all that much, but you can’t help but admire a team who can just get it all together in a match where the result didn’t really matter all that much.
    Fair play to them, indeed.

  • In all honesty I wouldn’t have minded losing that match and for Blackpool to stay up. I’ve really enjoyed watching them this season and they, to be cliché, were a breath of fresh air for the league. Still they’ll be an asset to the Championship (assuming they can keep some of their players) and will tune in to watch them when they’re on TV.

    Which games have you attended in League 1, following any particular team?

  • Liz Crew

    The matches I’ve been to are a few Brighton games. I’m a follower by proxy really.  These days I seem to watch a LOT of football at all levels, whether live or on TV.  Comes from being around someone who is…well fanatical wouldn’t be too far from the mark.
    I ended watching all the league promotion playoff finals the other weekend – and the MU/Barcelona match.  Watching that many matches, so close together and encompassing all those skill levels was an education – and although I didn’t give a toss whether ManU or Barcelona won, the football was stunningly enjoyable and almost like a totally different sport than the Torquay/Stevenage game.
    Mind you it helped that the real football fan is pretty widely knowledgeable about the breadth of the sport and helps put things in context.

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