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Gaming Away

It’s odd, sometimes, how gaming seems to come and go for me. There are times where I can go weeks and hardly play anything with the only reason for turning on my XBox One is the fact that I’ve hooked...

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Let’s Go Retro!

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly had the urge to play Tetris. I don’t really know why but I did and I found a couple of websites so I could play it online. However I wasn’t happy with that...



The first part of this posts’ title is a passing reference to my blog a couple of days ago about the Pens predicament a game 7 against the Canadiens. Unfortunately they couldn’t win on the night on home and were...


Going to the Dark Side Sir?

Thanks to Test My Driving I am the proud owner of a brand new PS3 slim. I’ll be honest and say that had I not won it I would never have bought one. One main reason for me is I...


Thoughts on Forza 3

While release day for the UK isn’t till tomorrow thanks to a postal strike my Limited Edition came early. First off I’d like to tip my hat to whoever designed the box for the LE. It presents the game, the...

The Race For the “Non-Gamer” 0

The Race For the “Non-Gamer”

So one thing I’ve been meaning to post on is the games industry push to capture those who would not normally play games. At E3 Microsoft and Sony launched their attempt to lure “non-gamers” to their respective platform. Microsoft announced...

OnLive to Revolutionize Gaming? 0

OnLive to Revolutionize Gaming?

So this past week saw the announcement of the super-secret, seven years in the making gaming service called OnLive. Many blogs and news websites have touted this as the service that will make the games console and gaming PCs obsolete...

Girl develops ‘PlayStation palmar hidradenitis’ 0

Girl develops ‘PlayStation palmar hidradenitis’

Do you have red, sore lumps on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet? If the answer’s yes, then you could be suffering from… ahem … PlayStation palmar hidradenitis. via Register Hardware. Sometimes I wonder how people...

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