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Clouding Over Somewhat Later On

One of the most interesting, I think, things I’ve discovered about Canberra is not only how changeable its weather is but also how you can have rain where you are and sunshine just a few k’s up the road. A...

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A Whole Year On

So last week, Valentine’s day to be precise, Cat and I silently celebrated the fact that we’ve been living in Canberra for exactly a year. I still clearly remember coming over the hill and seeing this vast green city laid...

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(Over) Half a Spin Down-Under

  Okay so I’ve seemingly fallen into my usual trap of meaning to post for ages and then, well, forgetting! You see I’d planned on posting about being in Australia for six months a month ago when it was actually...

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It’s The Little Differences

  So I’ve been living in Australia for coming on four months now and, as I’m sure has been posted in many blogs before me: It’s the little differences. I mean they got the same sh** over there that they...


Walking in Canberra

This past weekend was the first since we arrived here that Cat and I were able spend together doing whatever we felt like. Up until now we’ve generally had something to do related to getting ourselves sorted here. It was...

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Moving On

I’m sitting here on a Thursday evening watching a rather exciting game of one day cricket between Sri Lanka and Australia. It’s the final of the Commonwealth Bank Series and this is the final game of three to decide who...

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One Week In

This time last week Cat and I touched down in Sydney after leaving Heathrow late on Saturday night. It was a long trip but, thankfully, we both managed to sleep to varying degrees on the plane. Whilst not unusual for...

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