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What in the world is going on?


A Fairer Way to Vote?

So today the UK went to the polling stations to vote in national and local elections but also on a referendum on how we elect our MPs. There have been many adverts and TV broadcast both for and against the...


Hung Parliament Then

So after weeks of posturing, live TV debates and canvassing the UK has ended up with a hung Parliament. In all honesty this is nothing strange for a democratic country so all the ho-ha is slightly over dramatic (as is...


Internet Addiction: Discuss

Looking back and thinking about last week I found that I’m less active on the Internet than I used to be. I then started to wonder why? Roll back 9 years or so when I was at college I was...

More Public Holidays? 0

More Public Holidays?

So I received an e-mail in my inbox today (one of many after my host had issues on its cluster servers) one of which was from Now I’ve put my name down on a few petitions that have been...

Nothing Like Good PR and a Smile 0

Nothing Like Good PR and a Smile

George W Bush has paid a jokey visit to a hardware store in Dallas, Texas, which offered him a job as a greeter. The former US president entered the Elliott’s outlet with his security detail saying “I’m looking for a...

2nd World Trade Plane Fake? 8

2nd World Trade Plane Fake?

So Googling around as I do after finding the US have released a video of the plane hitting the Pentagon I stumbled up a site putting the theory that the 911 event was faked. In particularly they have Proof That...

Suggest-A-Topic #2 0

Suggest-A-Topic #2

Rob Lesslie wrote: My rights are non-conditional. My right to life is non-conditional, ergo my right to free speech is non-conditional. Therefore, I can say and draw whatever I want about who ever I want, even if it offends Muslims!...

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