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Bath Color Obstacle Rush 0

Bath Color Obstacle Rush

When I was organising my trip to the UK a few weeks ago (I’m not great at planning too far ahead!) I was asked if I wanted to fill a vacant spot on a friends team for the Bath leg...


Keep On Running

I figured since I’m ill and at home I can write up my completion of another half-marathon here in Canberra on the 13th April. It was another lovely day with the sun out and the temperature warm but not enough...


Another Tick on the List

I umm’d and ahh’d about when I should write and post about this given the recent events in Boston as they shocked and appalled me when I woke Monday morning and saw the news. I’d actually turned on ESPN to...

Keep on running 0

Canberra Half Marathon

I really should’ve posted this a few weeks back but, as per, I’ve been rather tardy on posting. In any case on the 15th April I took part in the Canberra Half-Marathon my third overall and the second one that...

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Mission Accomplished

Last weekend I attempted to do something that I tried once before but failed to complete; a half marathon. Three years ago (roughly) I attempted one at Freckleton and if I’m honest I was totally unprepared. I hadn’t really trained nor...


No Games, Just Sports

So recently I started running again after about 11 months. While I’ve been regularly playing football every week I mostly play in goal and figured I need something else to keep fit and help lose weight. I was especially inspired...