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Watch You Looking At?!

Nothing like a good opportunity to use a pun. I’ll be honest and say it was the spur to write this little post. I was thinking how best to convey my thoughts on the Apple Watch and then, boom, there...


Testing 1, 2

Like buses it seems two betas I’m involved in have come at once. For the last week or so I’ve been messing around playing Bungie’s newest game; Destiny. Then not long after Apple launched their public beta of OS X...

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Always Learning

One of the things I’ve been doing recently at work is rebuilding Apple iMacs, MacBooks etc back to their default state as if they’d just shipped from the factory. Along the way I’ve learned a few interesting things of which...

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Late To The Party

The thing about the Internet is that sometimes, even when something has been around for a good while, you miss something. Case in point for me is Smodcast or indeed podcasts in general. I’ve been a fan of Kevin Smith‘s movies...

That's a lot of storage! 0

Consolidation Is What We’re After

Well I’ve only gone and done it again and completely changed how this site looks but that’s not really the reason I’m posting however I figured if I pointed out right from the get-go then it’s done and dusted. Anyway...


Time to Go Portable

As many of you know I work as an IT support tech for a charity. One of the many perks you get working in IT is that you have full admin privileges where ever you go but more specifically on...

Pretty much how I felt. 0

A Brief Apology

Those of you who subscribe to my RSS may have noticed that I re-posted the past 4 blog posts on Saturday. This wasn’t a glitch it was down the fact that, somehow, this blog had short-term memory loss. I’m not...



This is just a quick blog post to let any regular readers know that this blog is moving. No, not domain, just servers. For the last couple years I’ve been running and on two separate gridservers hosted by...

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