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So I Turned 23 0

So I Turned 23

So yesterday I turned 23, an event I share with a friend of mine, Habz. It was a rather understated affair for me, no party, just a trip to London with Cat to see the Shaolin Monks live and let...

Suggest-A-Topic #1 0

Suggest-A-Topic #1

So, not long after putting up Suggest-A-Topic, I get my first e-mail from CATCAT and I was asked: I think you should talk about… movies music sports (to play) sports (to watch..yep, you have to choose your favourite!) funny websites...

Woo I Won Something! 0

Woo I Won Something!

How amazing is this: Dear nfluk.com member, Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the lucky registered nfluk.com members who will join us for Super Bash III at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Sunday February 5 for the biggest...