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Gorram iWeb 2

Gorram iWeb

So last night I decided that I’d finally get round to something Cati has been bugging me to do for ages which is update a few bits on our Holiday website specifically a few broken links. Anyway, most of the...

Safari 4 – Good or Bad? 0

Safari 4 – Good or Bad?

I recently read, and commented on, a post about Safari over at TechMiso and I wanted to put a post about it here on my blog.  Apple released the beta of Safari 4 to a surprised Internet last week touting...

I’m living in Mactopia! 0

I’m living in Mactopia!

I don’t know if I’ve posted this before but not long ago (in fact, exactly a week ago) I received my brand new laptop. However, rather than buying a normal Windows based laptop I decided I’d go for an Apple...