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Back to Blighty

It’s been a wee while coming but for pretty much the entirety of June the family and I visited friends and relatives back home in England. Whilst I did pop back last year for my Grandma’s funeral this was our...


There Goes The Ashes

Okay, we lost The Ashes after the boxing day test in Melbourne but I wanted to wait till all the games were played and, considering the results, time to sit and reflect before jumping on the bandwagon and posting my...

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Like a Whirlwind

Well what a few weeks it’s been! About 10 days after my last post I was, unfortunately, knocked off my bike again. Thankfully I wasn’t badly hurt with only a rather bad gash to show for my ill fortunate; my...


So That Was Euro 2012

If you’d have told me at the start of the Euro 2012 competition that England would’ve gotten out of the group stages as winners I would have happily taken it. So the fact the we did was a really nice...


Well Howzat?

It seems it was only a short time ago that England were celebrating regaining The Ashes after a close series here in Blighty. The next year saw England get progressively better to the point where we are now which, for...


Hate It When I’m Right

Seriously, I hate it when I’m right sometimes. Look two posts down and you’ll see what I mean when I posted about England Cricket’s World Cup win I wondered whether that’ll be the only one we’ll win and I was...

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