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Bath Color Obstacle Rush 0

Bath Color Obstacle Rush

When I was organising my trip to the UK a few weeks ago (I’m not great at planning too far ahead!) I was asked if I wanted to fill a vacant spot on a friends team for the Bath leg...

My Avanti Bike 0

Nothing Like a Good Ride

Since moving to Australia there’s one thing I’ve not done enough of; random rides. Sure I cycle to work most days and have clocked up many miles cycling from A to B but what I’ve not done is just go...

Balancing Stones 0

Finding The Right Balance

The thing about life for Cat and I at the moment is striking the right balance between work, fun and spending time together. Sometimes when you look at the amount of hours in a week you think ‘no problem, plenty...



So I’ve been messing around with Instagram for a wee while now and I really quite like it. Essentially all it is, is an app that you take photos with and the alter it with pre-loaded effects as the picture...


If Your Website Were Music..

I came across this website over at MandyMadrox.com and wondered what it would be like if I gave it the URL of my blog and my photography to see what they sounded like. My photography is a fairly chilled tune...

Holiday 0


If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with my status on Facebook you’d already know this but either way, after year and some change Cati and I finally went on a proper holiday. I know we’ve taken the odd day off here...

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