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3 Weeks in September

This has been over a month in the making; new jobs and things don’t lend themselves to free time for blog writing! Anyway, September was quite a month I secured a new job, which is awesome, but the family and...


It’s Not You.. It’s Me.

Don’t worry, I’m not ending this blog or anything just couldn’t think of a decent title for this blog post. Yet again it’s been a heck of a while since I last wrote anything here and it’s all my fault.....

Looking Ahead 0

Looking Ahead

So another week over and another starting out, the bonus is, after this week I have a week off. I’m debating on what I’m going to do. This coming weekend is decided as it is a friends stag weekend in...

Holiday 0


If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with my status on Facebook you’d already know this but either way, after year and some change Cati and I finally went on a proper holiday. I know we’ve taken the odd day off here...

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