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Apple Mouse 0

Always Learning

One of the things I’ve been doing recently at work is rebuilding Apple iMacs, MacBooks etc back to their default state as if they’d just shipped from the factory. Along the way I’ve learned a few interesting things of which...



The first part of this posts’ title is a passing reference to my blog a couple of days ago about the Pens predicament a game 7 against the Canadiens. Unfortunately they couldn’t win on the night on home and were...


Time For a Change

I’ve been a big Firefox user since, well, before it was called Firefox. When I got my first Mac I instantly downloaded the Mac client to usurp Safari. I’ve enjoyed the extensibility of Firefox many of the add-ons became so...


Why I Love Quicksilver

I’m a big Mac user at home. In fact the only time these days the only time I use a Windows machine is either when I’m at work or help Cati with stuff on her laptop/PC. However there are few...

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