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What The Weekend Holds 0

What The Weekend Holds

As I mentioned in my last post I’ll be away this weekend in Bournemouth at Ruth’s birthday celebrations which I’m really looking forward to. It should be fun and gives me yet another chance to catch up with people I’d...

Suggest-A-Topic #1 0

Suggest-A-Topic #1

So, not long after putting up Suggest-A-Topic, I get my first e-mail from CATCAT and I was asked: I think you should talk about… movies music sports (to play) sports (to watch..yep, you have to choose your favourite!) funny websites...

So That’s All Done With 0

So That’s All Done With

.My exams are done with and my project is handed in. I actually didn’t fully finish the project and that’s my own damn fault. I’m improving though as its the only project so far this year that I haven’t handed...