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Bath Color Obstacle Rush 0

Bath Color Obstacle Rush

When I was organising my trip to the UK a few weeks ago (I’m not great at planning too far ahead!) I was asked if I wanted to fill a vacant spot on a friends team for the Bath leg...


A Fairer Way to Vote?

So today the UK went to the polling stations to vote in national and local elections but also on a referendum on how we elect our MPs. There have been many adverts and TV broadcast both for and against the...


Hung Parliament Then

So after weeks of posturing, live TV debates and canvassing the UK has ended up with a hung Parliament. In all honesty this is nothing strange for a democratic country so all the ho-ha is slightly over dramatic (as is...


Ooh It’s Chilly Outside

Along with most of the UK I woke up to a very snowy scene this morning. One thing I love about snow is that it brings out the kid in most people. Unfortunately for me I had to go to...

More Public Holidays? 0

More Public Holidays?

So I received an e-mail in my inbox today (one of many after my host had issues on its cluster servers) one of which was from Number10.gov.uk. Now I’ve put my name down on a few petitions that have been...

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