For Pete's Sake Taking my own name in vain!

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Long Time No See!

It says something when WordPress automatically sets the link for this post and it has a ‘2’ on the end of it. This isn’t the first time and most certainly won’t be the last time I take forever to update my blog.

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Into A New Year

So 2016 has started and, well, it’s not been the best of starts. Not content with having a broken toe to end 2015 I decided the New Year required a new break and summarily broke my hand, just above the...

Little Lucy 0

Loveable Little Lucy

The date was 6th December, the time was 6:45am (give or take) and it was at this point that, with some assistance, Lucy Philippa Taylor decided to join the world. Strictly speaking she decided to join us earlier than that...

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Now We Are Four

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone we know is aware that Cat and I are expecting our second child. It’s an exciting time for sure but equally it’s making me, at least, slightly nervous. Sure we’ve got almost two years...

Color Obstacle Rush Finish 0

Bath Color Obstacle Rush

When I was organising my trip to the UK a few weeks ago (I’m not great at planning too far ahead!) I was asked if I wanted to fill a vacant spot on a friends team for the Bath leg...

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Watch You Looking At?!

Nothing like a good opportunity to use a pun. I’ll be honest and say it was the spur to write this little post as I was thinking how best to convey my thoughts on the Apple Watch and then, boom,...

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State of the Union

It’s been a wee while since I last posted here, a shade over two months. Whilst this is nothing out of the ordinary for this little blog of mine I felt it was worth posting to update the masses on...

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First Orbit Round the Sun

My daughter is 1! It sounds so straightforward and well, logical, yet in many ways I still can’t quite wrap my head round the fact that my daughter is one year old. So much has happened in that year not...